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Best 20 Monsters in Monster Legends

With more than 600 different monsters in Monster Legends, you have quite the pain choose which ones to use and to breed for. It’s also difficult because you don’t see the exact stats in the info screen.

I think it might be helpful to you when I put here my 20 favorite monsters that I prefer to use (and why) in Monster Legends. Please note that this is my personal list and of course there are also other powerful monsters out there that you can use and win with, this is just a raw orientation for you to net get totally lost in Monster Legends đŸ™‚


This list is not a ranked list!

Best Monsters In Monster Legends

Let’s go with my favorite monster, please keep in mind that this is only my personal list and in no direct order.


Barbatos is around for quite some time but has always been one of the best ones to use and has the right to be on that best heroes list here. He’s perfect to overkill an enemy when taking double damage but then dealing such massive damage with his Master of Pain skill that you will pretty much knock out an enemy of your choice.


VoltaiK has a lot of extra turn that come in very handy in a lot of situations. In addition to that, his attacks will deal quite a nice amount of damage and I can only recommend you to try him out yourself in Monster Legends!


Fenrir will blow your mind with the spacial skill that not only deals amazing damage to all enemies. You also have the chance to make enemies bleed for 3 rounds which adds vers helpful extra damage so a sure thing for me that he’s on that list of best monsters here.


I got Tephra from a previous race and please don’t think that he’s not a top notch monster despite the fact that he’s slow. You can use him as a tank for sure and when his turns come up you can be sure that he deals crazy high fire damage to all enemies.


For sure a monster that is on top in Monster Legends! Not only giving 200% damage boost to allies his Ethereal Blizzard will take 50% of stamina from ALL enemy monsters which is a very helpful thing (in addition to the good water damage dealt)

Kaih the Eradicator

Actually my favorite fire monster in Monster Legends (if you would point a gun at me, I also love the other ones). Deals a ton of sunburn damage that can win you battles when it gets close. Plus the massive damage he deals, of course đŸ™‚

Nox the Condemned

Probably the most controversial discussed monster on my list is Nox. Many love him, many hate him. He’s very powerful but in some cases you can really hurt yourself with him. The death countdown is something that you really need to adapt to and get used to, but when you play it right you will simply win the battle when the countdown is over as it will kill all enemies.


Also a monster that I picked up in a race but learned to love in Monster Legends. Overall actually one of my favorite monster of all. The damage he applies to all enemies plus Quicksand and bleeding is just insane and will wipe out your enemy really hard. Also very useful to take down your enemies most useful monster as well. If you have him, make sure to take him to the battle.

By the way, if you have problems winning the race, I have here some very nice tips for you:


I really like him (or “it” – it’s a fish!) because of the massive damage it deals to all enemies that makes it really helpful to have. Ok, I’m going to use “him” now as this sounds weird… The bleeding and nightmares he adds to many attacks make him double useful.


I really like that he has so much debuffs with stun and sunburn in his attacks that come in very helpful in many battles. He’s very annoying for the enemy to deal with, especially with the healing back up he can use wasting your enemies skills nice to get a victory at the end.

Darmith’s Bodyguard

If you see any list of best monster in Monster Legends and Darmith’s Bodyguard is not on the list you have a bad list. His skill makes enemies drop like flies dealing more than 50k damage easily and the ability to heal himself by 50% makes him so crazy overpowered that you should get and take him!

The Undertaker

Dealing good damage and has the ability to revive an ally gives Undertaker a place on this list of best monsters here for sure. He is extremely annoying to deal with when you have him in the enemy team so this is a good reason to take him in your team!


Probably one of the toughest tank monsters in Monster Legends who heals himself up, gives himself shield and works a lot of with stun and freeze making him no tank to ignore for the enemy team. I really like how the enemy team has to deal with him and you can play your win condition easily and when the countown reaches the end he might even kill an enemy.

The Inheritor

Pretty sure my favorite monster that was introduced in 2018 in Monster Legends with very powerful abilities.

If you have a chance to get him you should really try to do that!

Faraday the Electrolyzer

In my opinion more powerful that VoltaiK and a perfect monster to snipe out special monsters in the enemy teams that will get dangerous. The fast whip and the stun and sunburn will help you control the enemy team and put a lot of pressure on them.

Zyla the Faithful

Simply. Insane! Zyle is crazy with extra hits, bleeding and insane high damage she will put your enemy in a lot of tough spots in Monster Legends, I can promise you that


I hope this lists help you which monster you should get after in Monster Legends. Again, there are more powerful monsters in Monster Legends and this list is only my personal favorites that should inspire you, nothing more đŸ˜‰

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