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Dragon City Hacks & Life Hacks Review

Literally millions of people play Dragon City on mobile or Facebook and it’s no surprise that many like you search for hacks or cheats to progress faster in Dragon City.

With so many websites out there claiming to offer you exactly that, I decided to take a closer look and test out all of them myself to give you an overview what cheats or hacks really work in Dragon City and which ones you should keep your hands off.

I decided to separate this guide here into two sections, one that will focus on life hacks, things you can do within the game that use the game mechanic and are secure to use and those hacks that require 3rd party tools or bots.

Let’s go.

Life Hacks in Dragon City โ€“ Make Sure To Use Them

Here are some tips that will help you in Dragon City – and like I said, they are perfectly fine to use ๐Ÿ™‚

Life Hack #1 – Farming More Effectively

I know many people that do place their habitats in random order on the islands – but that is not the best way to group them up when it comes to earn the most possible Gold.

The thing is, you want to group up to 4-6 habitats of the same kind – like in the image below with the fire habitats.

dragon city gold farming cheat

What makes farming Gold really effective is booting it with crystals, in this example with Fire Crystals. They will boost the production of the surrounding habitats of theย  same kind (in this example fire) by 20% each – the above setup will give you 80% additional Gold with just the right layout ๐Ÿ™‚

Life Hack #2 – Heroic Races

To win heroic races, you will need to complete as many nodes as possible to get a good ranking at the end.

The secret here is to always use the cheapest and fastest way to complete those nodes, like…

  • Only collect as much Gold from habitats as you need to get theย  node points
  • Plant the cheaper food that you can collect faster (except over night, then you want to use the food that takes several hours)
  • Always have a cheap dragon egg to place and feed to get the feeding node finished

For more tips you can check out my entire guide on heroic races here:

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Cheats & Hacks in Golf Clash โ€“ย Caution

Now we come to the hacks that require to use 3rd party tools and that are not allowed to be used so only use them at your own risk.

Hack #1 – Gem, Gold & Food Generators

These are very likely the most and easily found hacks for Dragon City out there – the generators. They as you to insert your player name or Facebook ID and the amount of Gems, Gold and Food you need.

dragon city gem generator

After a short time attempting to connect to your account they will ask you to show that you’re human and not a bot by completing a survey or installing a free app. I personally tried multiple ones and wasn’t able to get them to work.

Hack #2 – Auto Collect

Logging in to collect Gold and Food and planting fresh food again is annoying and this is where this bot comes in – it will run on autopilot and does exactly that for you, nothing else. You can theoretically not log in for days and come back to completely filled storages.

dragon city farm bot

Now we could start a discussion of this is cheating or not – you will not gain any advantage over other players, it simply automatically does what you can do by visiting your village in Dragon City multiple times every day. Bottom line it uses a third party software and is not allowed, so only use it at own risk!

Hack #3 – Breed Bot

Breeding is, as you know, the most profitable way to gain Gold and also XP and in many cases to get the dragon you really want in Dragon City.

Unfortunately, this takes time and luck as well, so you sometimes have to breed the same combination over and over again and lose precious time in your progress because you can’t play Dragon City right in the moment when the breeding is finished to start new breeding.

dragon city breeding bot

There’s a bot that let you select exactly what breeding parents you want o use and will automatically restart breeding over and over again and you don’t need to check in after every few hours.

The only downside, you need to keep your device running while it this bot is active – in my opinion a little bit of waste of power just for that but if you have your device running all the time anyway not that bad…

Hack #4 – Closer Offers & Auto Zoom

Do you know how annoying it is when you log in and open Dragon City just to see horrible zoom and get bombed with all the offers available (every single time)?

zoom and offer close bot

This is where this hack comes in that is, still not allowed, but doesn’t do anything else than closing all these offers automatically and zooming out so you can focus on what you’re doing instead of closing and zooming for some time.

I really hoped this hack here would be allowed but i’m afraid it isn’t, so use it at your own risk!

Hack #5 – Battle Bot

One word of caution and honesty first – I didn’t find any working bot that does battles for you. The only one I found simply didn’t run and to be honest, I also don’t actually believe that this can really work out and can only win for you if your dragon is a lot more powerful than the enemy dragon – and these battles are something that you can also fight out yourself, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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